• Acute renal failure in practice

    Acute renal failure in practice

    Acute Renal Failure in Practice, edited by practising renal physicians, is the essential guide to the clinical management of patients with acute renal failure and its complex, life-threatening metabolic sequelae. This book explains the workings of the normal kidney, illustrates the aetiology and pathophysiology of acute renal disease, and provides practical treatment guidelines relevant to the day-to-day needs of the practising clinician....

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  • Alternative treatment for cancer

    Alternative treatment for cancer

    Cancer treatment has enjoyed half a century of healthy development, relying mainly on surgery, cytotoxic therapy and radiation. Achievements and successes are well reflected in the longer survival period and better quality of life. Nonetheless, cancer still spreads locally, recurs, metastasizes and remains one of the top killers. Instead of concentrating on cancer removal, it has become obvious that supportive measures are also important....

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  • The physiologic nature of sleep

    The physiologic nature of sleep

    This book provides a broad introduction to the fascinating subject of sleep, a behavioral state in which human beings spend a third of their life span, and a topic which interests not only the specialist but also the layperson. Everybody knows that well-being also depends on undisturbed, normal sleep. The Physiologic Nature of Sleep is self-contained in presentation. It may be used as an advanced textbook by graduate students and even...

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  • Stochastic models of tumor latency and their biostatistical applications

    Stochastic models of tumor latency and their biostatistical applications

    This research monograph discusses newly developed mathematical models and methods that provide biologically meaningful inferences from data on cancer latency produced by follow-up and discrete surveillance studies. Methods for designing optimal strategies of cancer surveillance are systematically presented for the first time in this book. It offers new approaches to the stochastic description of tumor latency, employs biologically-based models...

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  • Basic neuroanatomy

    Basic neuroanatomy

    This book is intended for students of medicine, dentistry and allied health professions. The continual, unremitting explosion of information in the biomedical fields in recent years has rendered the curriculum ever more compact and onerous in the various disciplines of studies required of the students. Neuroanatomy, which deals with complex interrelated neural structures, presents a special challenge to the students, giving rise to an often...

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  • Haemostasis in Surgery

    Haemostasis in Surgery

    This unique volume presents the cutting edge of haemostasis in surgery and includes the advances in the science pertaining to related important medical and surgical problems. It is the only book that includes all the surgical subspecialties focusing specifically on the problems of haemostasis in each field. State-of-the-art laboratory and clinical reviews are included and modern devices used in the different specialties are also covered. The...

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  • Neuroscience for neurologists

    Neuroscience for neurologists

    The last decade has seen major advances in our understanding of the basic scientific principles that underpin clinical neurology. Many of these advances have already had a major impact on routine clinical practice, and this is likely to continue in the future. Although this makes it an exciting time to practice neurology, it also presents new challenges. How can established general neurologists keep up-to-date with clinically relevant...

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  • Photoreceptor cell biology and inherited retinal degenerations

    Photoreceptor cell biology and inherited retinal degenerations

    This important book presents review articles on the cell biology of photoreceptor and RPE cells, as well as the relationship between this cell biology and inherited photoreceptor degeneration. The chapters have been written by leaders in the field. The vision scientist will see this book as a review of photoreceptor and RPE cell biology, and known molecular bases of many forms of retinitis pigmentosa and related retinal degeneration. For the...

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    INFO BOOK REVIEW - Tên sách: Readings and Experiments in General Psychology - Tác giả: Wayne K. Aller - Nhà xuất bản: Kendall/ Hunt Publishing Company - Năm xuất bản: 1971 - Tóm tắt: Cuốn sách “Readings and Experiments in General Psychology” là một tài liệu nghiên cứu về tâm lý học, giúp người đọc hiểu cách vận hành của Gen lên bộ não và hành vi của con người. Bên cạnh đó,...

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  • Understanding nutrition

    Understanding nutrition

    "The updated 16th Edition of Whitney/Rolfe's bestselling 'Understanding Nutrition' presents the core information of an introductory nutrition course for majors, with active learning that prepares students for their future careers. An overarching goal of the text is to help readers learn to distinguish valid nutrition information from misinformation. In addition to providing accurate information, the text encourages readers to understand the...

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  • Green smoothie magic

    Green smoothie magic

    "With this story of a boy who learns about the miracles of plant life and the pleasures of drinking blended vegetables and fruits, Victoria Boutenko imparts to young children her enthusiasm for raw foods and healthy eating"-- Provided by publisher Call no. : 613.2 B778

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  • BXD Quy chuẩn kỹ thuật quốc gia về an toàn cháy cho nhà và công trình

    BXD Quy chuẩn kỹ thuật quốc gia về an toàn cháy cho nhà và công trình

    QCVN 06:2021/BXD Quy chuẩn kỹ thuật quốc gia về an toàn cháy cho nhà và công trình = National technical regulation on Fire safety of buildings and constructions sa. -- H.: Xây dựng, 2021. - 156tr.; 31cm. Call no. : 628.9220218 Q165

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