• Trang trí nội ngoại thất hài hòa trong cuộc sống: Sắp xếp cuộc sống của bạnh lành mạnh và thịnh vượng

    Trang trí nội ngoại thất hài hòa trong cuộc sống: Sắp xếp cuộc sống của bạnh lành mạnh và thịnh vượng

    Vấn đề liên quan đến nghệ thuật nhân gian Phương Đông trong được sắp xếp các đồ vật cho được hài hòa / hòa hợp và mai mắn được gọi là phong thủy. Sách có tại thư viện khu A, Phòng mượn Số phân loại: 133.333 T772

     8 p hcmute 03/12/2020 15 1

  • Thiết kế và trang trí nhà ở theo mỹ thuật - phong thủy phương đông

    Thiết kế và trang trí nhà ở theo mỹ thuật - phong thủy phương đông

    Cuốn sách gồm hai phần lý thuyết và thực hành: Lý thuyết gồm : Lược sử phong Thủy -thuyết Khí Luận và những khía niệm cơ bản về Dịch lý liên quan đến việc thiết kế mỹ thuật nội thất.; Thực hành: Thảm định ưu nhược điểm của căn nhà bạn đang cư ngụ, cách sửa chữa từng phần , từng phòng theo qui cách phong thủy.Điều chỉnh các yếu tố...

     6 p hcmute 10/11/2020 25 3

  • Fabric for fashion: A comprehensive guide to natural fibres

    Fabric for fashion: A comprehensive guide to natural fibres

    Providing a mix of practical information and the industry vocabulary, this easily navigable reference book will help students gain a clear understanding of how to work with fabrics as an integral component of the fashion design process.

     8 p hcmute 27/08/2020 72 4

  • The art of calendar design

    The art of calendar design

    The Art of Calendar design brings together all kinds of calendar projects to showcase the possibility for innovation in the field from multiple aspects, including typography, illustration, varied formats and materials, and other elements. This source of inspirations is an excellent reference for graphic designers as well as anyone who wants to explore the universal art of calendar design.

     6 p hcmute 26/08/2020 52 1

  • Knitwear design

    Knitwear design

    A practical guide to the dynamic revival of contemporary knitting, Knitwear Design is also a source of inspiration and advice on the latest techniques and practices. Packed with diagrams, knitwear samples and images from a wide range of contemporary designers, the book offers a practical approach to designing garments from initial research, finding sources of inspiration and developing the design, through an exploration of color, texture, and...

     6 p hcmute 25/08/2020 44 1

  • Knitting off the axis : Projects & techniques for sideways knitting

    Knitting off the axis : Projects & techniques for sideways knitting

    Emerging knitwear designer Mathew Gnagy presents a fresh collection of fifteen projects for women and men with Knitting Off the Axis. The projects are both classic and stylish, incorporating clever combinations of textured stitches and design details.

     5 p hcmute 25/08/2020 43 1

  • Rock Covers

    Rock Covers

    Album art is indelibly linked to our collective musical memories; when you think of your favorite albums, you picture the covers. Many photographers, illustrators, and art directors have become celebrities from their album artworks―the best examples of which will go down in history as permanent fixtures in popular culture. Paying tribute to this art form, Rock Covers brings you a compilation of more than 750 remarkable album covers, from...

     4 p hcmute 25/08/2020 38 1

  • Tempus fugit : World’s best calendar design

    Tempus fugit : World’s best calendar design

    Book Description INDEX BOOKS, 2009. Condition: Good. A+ Customer service! Satisfaction Guaranteed! Book is in Used-Good condition. Pages and cover are clean and intact. Used items may not include supplementary materials such as CDs or access codes. May show signs of minor shelf wear and contain limited notes and highlighting.

     5 p hcmute 25/08/2020 41 1

  • Design is difference

    Design is difference

    Produced to celebrate Look Upstairs, this book is an invaluable source of inspiration for anyone who buys design services, is a design educator, or is a design professional striving for excellence. The book is a representation of the line drawn between the absurd and the surreal, rational and irrational thought. Look around, inside, and out. Let your eyes jump, search and flow between the pages and information. Let this publication help you...

     7 p hcmute 25/08/2020 34 1

  • The bags

    The bags

    A book about bags? that was the first question from our editor, when we design to put forth the idea of a book about bags. Living in one of the word's most feshionable cities, we are constantly exposed to dozens of new styles of bags in all different types.

     5 p hcmute 25/08/2020 40 2

  • American showcase illustration

    American showcase illustration

    This is a collection of commercial art and illustration, aimed at art directors. It includes international illustrators and designers, as well as work from the US.

     9 p hcmute 25/08/2020 34 1

  • International floral art

    International floral art

    After the success of the first International Annual of Floral Art & International Floral Art, this third edition is bound to be another massive hit among florists and flower lovers. The aim of this yearbook is to present state-of-the-art, innovative floral art to the world. This edition showcases even more personalities and oreations that display the rich potential and variety of flowers in floristry today. Already a household name,...

     4 p hcmute 25/08/2020 32 1

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