• The graphic work:Introduced and explained by the artist

    The graphic work:Introduced and explained by the artist

    Presents over 80 of Escher's most interesting pictures selected by the artist himself. It includes Escher's commentaries on his work, which make his startling visual effects more easy to interpret. The book also features Escher's own account of his evolution as an artist. An authentic source book of high significance, it offers the best introduction to the fantastic universe of the grand master of illusion.

     6 p hcmute 20/08/2020 47 1

  • The Magic Mirror of M.C.ESCHER

    The Magic Mirror of M.C.ESCHER

    This is the most comprehensive look we have ever had of Escher's enigmatic life and his whole range of work. Throughout this superb volume we are shown, with the aid of sketches and diagrams, how the artist arrived at his most provocative creations. Perhaps no other contemporary artist so awakens our sense of wonder at the grand designs to be found in our world - even in the commonplace. To see an Escher print is to discover the infinite...

     5 p hcmute 20/08/2020 41 1

  • Restart new systems in graphic design

    Restart new systems in graphic design

    The authors suggest that graphic design today has entered a new period of experimentation, that often takes place outside the commercial realm and forces us to reconsider what we have taken as a given, and the resulting body of work is redefining the nature and scope of design. This book showcases 'the world's hottest 37 studios', and looks at the ways in which: 1) designers are becoming creative computer programmers; 2) designers work with...

     4 p hcmute 18/08/2020 35 1

  • Public square landscapes

    Public square landscapes

    It is an embodiment of the unique characteristics of local architecture and culture, as well as people's attitude of returning to nature. The book selects the latest projects of public square landscapes around the world, including memorial squares, transportation squares, educational squares, healthcare squares, commercial squares, corporate squares, distribution squares and recreational squares. The book devotes to fully reveal the design...

     5 p hcmute 17/08/2020 41 1

  • Chinese Gardens

    Chinese Gardens

    Introduces Chinese gardens in various cities from professional perspectives, demonstrating the exquisiteness of traditional gardens in an effort to present the skilful and elaborate designs.

     3 p hcmute 17/08/2020 43 1

  • Landscape competition

    Landscape competition

    Urbanization around the world is happening at unprecedented levels. Urban parks are a precious natural environment within our urban setting. Designing them well to accommodate both the life and development demands of the present while also looking forward to the needs of our future generations and landscapes, requires a comprehensive look at creating healthy ecosystems and prosperous mega cities and how the two can coexist in the twenty-first...

     5 p hcmute 17/08/2020 33 1

  • Urban park landscapes

    Urban park landscapes

    This book included contents: - Zonal Parks - Municipal Parks - Comunity Parks

     4 p hcmute 17/08/2020 34 1

  • Pedestrian bridge design

    Pedestrian bridge design

    This book is about Bridge design written in Chinese.

     3 p hcmute 17/08/2020 36 1

  • Houses and gardens of Kyoto

    Houses and gardens of Kyoto

    Imperial capital for more than a millennium, Kyoto has been the birthplace of most of what is now considered to be quintessential Japanese culture. Kyoto remains a rich, inexhaustible archive of Japanese cultural history. An exquisite photo album that celebrates a broad array of traditional houses from every period of its history.

     4 p hcmute 17/08/2020 35 1

  • Japanese gardens : Tranquility, simplicity, harmony

    Japanese gardens : Tranquility, simplicity, harmony

    Photographs and text profile twenty-three traditional Japanese gardens that celebrate the essence of Japan, with descriptions of the techniques and elements that make Japanese gardens unique.

     4 p hcmute 17/08/2020 36 1

  • The art of Japanese garden

    The art of Japanese garden

    Winner of the 2006 American Horticultural Society Book Award! The Art of the Japanese Garden traces the development and blending of gardening traditions, as well as the inclusion of new features as gardening reached new heights of sophistication on Japanese soil. The book features a number of the most notable gardens in Japan, including graveled courtyards, early aristocratic gardens, esoteric and paradise gardens, Zen gardens, warrior...

     4 p hcmute 17/08/2020 37 1

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