• Nâng cao hiệu quả hoạt động của hợp tác xã nông nghiệp huyện Cao Lãnh

    Nâng cao hiệu quả hoạt động của hợp tác xã nông nghiệp huyện Cao Lãnh

    Quá trình sản xuất nông nghiệp nhỏ lẻ, mỗi người một cách làm, vì nông dân mỗi người một góc ruộng, diện tích quá nhỏ, không có động lực để thay đổi, không mạnh dạn áp dụng khoa học kỹ thuật vào sản xuất, chỉ khi có sự hợp tác, liên kết giữa bà con với nhau, giữa bà con với hợp tác xã để làm lớn thì mới thay đổi cách quản trị.

     11 p hcmute 03/11/2020 30 0

  • The water gardener�s bible : A practical guide to building, planting, stocking and maintaining a water garden

    The water gardener�s bible : A practical guide to building, planting, stocking and maintaining a water garden

    Bring a new dimension to your garden with a beautiful and restful aquatic oasis. Water features and ornamental ponds can complement your garden design, attract interesting wildlife, and offer new and exciting challenges for the gardener

     7 p hcmute 27/08/2020 40 7

  • Engineering aspects of milk and dairy products

    Engineering aspects of milk and dairy products

    Integrating the concepts of fluid flow, unit operations, and physical chemistry, this book addresses the engineering aspects of dairy products manufacturing. It discusses food safety and preservation as well as packaging and quality control. It also details a number of analysis methods, including spectroscopy, colorimetry, and polarimetry.

     8 p hcmute 26/08/2020 42 1

  • Dairy science and technology

    Dairy science and technology

    Discusses the transformation of milk into high-quality products. Emphasizing the principles of physical, chemical, enzymatic, and microbial transformation, this book features coverage of the properties of milk, a section on milk formation, and the inclusion of nutritional aspects. It introduces the chemistry, physics, and microbiology of milk.

     9 p hcmute 26/08/2020 37 1

  • Postharvest decay : Control strategies

    Postharvest decay : Control strategies

    The information in this book covers a wide range of topics related to selected fungi, such as taxonomy, infection processes, economic importance, causes of infection, the influence of pre-harvest agronomic practices and the environment, the effect of handling operations, and the strategic controls for each host-pathogen, including traditional and non-traditional

     9 p hcmute 26/08/2020 57 2

  • Milk proteins : From expression to food

    Milk proteins : From expression to food

    Understanding of the interactions of milk proteins in complex food systems continues to progress, resulting in specialized milk-protein based applications in functional foods, and in protein ingredients for specific health applications. Milk Proteins is the first and only presentation of the entire dairy food chain - from the source to the nutritional aspects affecting the consumer. With focus on the molecular structures and interactions of...

     8 p hcmute 26/08/2020 34 1

  • Forest health and protection

    Forest health and protection

    Widely recognized as the best treatment of the technical issues concerning forest health and forest protection available, the original edition of this comprehensive text was the first to treat fire, wind, insects, and diseases as well as their interactions holistically. The latest edition extends the thrust of the successful first edition, bringing updated, detailed, and reliable coverage by the same team of authors with decades of experience...

     16 p hcmute 26/08/2020 37 1

  • God given Korean ginseng

    God given Korean ginseng

    Korean Ginseng has a history of about 1500 years and has been regarded as the best medicine developed by nature, people and time. However, it is sad to value Korean Ginseng only because of its medicinal effects, is an introductory book focused on the hidden stories of Korean Ginseng.

     6 p hcmute 26/08/2020 33 1

  • Postharvest handling : A systems approach

    Postharvest handling : A systems approach

    This book is the 3rd revised edition of the book titled "Postharvest Handling: A Systems Approach" published originally in 1993. The application of systems thinking and the systems approach to posthaverst handling of fresh fruits and vegetables generates a continued interest and stimulates interdisciplinary research on the topic.

     19 p hcmute 26/08/2020 38 1

  • Principles of nematology

    Principles of nematology

    This book has been designed as a text and guide for students and workers in nematology, plant pathology, zoology, agronomy, horticulture, soil science, and other branches of agriculture. Identification of ecto and endoparasitic nematodes is emphasized by diseases incited by them.

     7 p hcmute 26/08/2020 44 1

  • Fruit growing

    Fruit growing

    Fruit Growing is written for fruit growers, both present and prospective, interested in knowing the priciples of fruit production and their application to their own problems. It presents as clearly as possible an over-all picture of what is involved in the successful production of fruit.

     8 p hcmute 26/08/2020 35 1

  • The Samaka guide: To homesite farming

    The Samaka guide: To homesite farming

    The author of The Samaka Guide is Colin M.Hoskins, a longtime American resident of the Philippines who for over fifty years has been closely identified with various phases of Philippine agriculture. However, he modestly claims that he is the "compiler" of the agricultural wisdom contained within these pages

     6 p hcmute 26/08/2020 40 1

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